Are your associates meeting your expectations?

Mystery shopping programs provide you with a third-party perspective on your brand’s customer experience that cannot be achieved with other market research methods. Imagine being able to see your retail stores through the eyes of a brand new customer—who just happens to be an expert in evaluating retail operations.

Why hire a mystery shopping company?

Unlike everyday customers or company representatives, mystery shoppers are trained to evaluate customer experience factors - even those details that customers aren't aware they're reacting to.

  • Did your staff greet the customer, and if so how quickly?

  • Did your staff display expertise when asked about products and services?

  • Did your staff use company sales techniques during their interactions with customers, and if so were these the right techniques?

  • Did your staff make the customer aware of any relevant store offers or specials?

  • Did your staff follow corporate policy while engaging with customers?

How can you benefit?

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